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We’re West End lawyers and we’re not biased – really – but we do say what a great place the West End is to buy property.

Everyone knows the beauty of Glasgow’s busy West End and its attractions but for purely financial reasons it’s also the place to buy. A lesson learned when the crash came a couple of years ago was that house prices fell in all residential areas but to a lesser extent in the West End and for the West End’s better properties to a much lesser extent. This is very much in line with our experience of the area over the past thirty years. Over that time we have seen the price of good properties in the area almost always rise, year on year.

This pattern has been enhanced by the investments of Glasgow City Council, the improvements in property emanating from the local housing associations and the success of local businesses particularly the quality pubs, restaurants and shops. So, if you’re thinking of buying, think of the West End and remember that if you buy a reasonable property it will hold its value in the hard times and in the good times the price will rise.