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Criminal Defence

With their high success rates over many years, our criminal defence lawyers are respected and trusted by clients and throughout the Glasgow courts.

“I am so happy and relieved to have my driving offence saved due to the hard work and expertise by Bready & Co in helping me win my court case”

Our Criminal Expertise

We have been defending people in Scotland for over thirty years.

Our success rate is excellent, as is our diverse experience. Whether it be a Road Traffic Offences or the gravest charge, we can help.

We defend accused every day of the week in police stations, District Courts, Sheriff Courts and the High Court. We are extremely experienced and know what we are doing. We offer initial Free legal advice immediately by telephone.

  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Breach of the Peace
  • Fraud & Theft
  • Assault & Murder

'Initial Legal Advice’

Legal Aid

We are registered to provide legal aid to those who qualify and are happy to discuss private rates with those who do not.

If you have been charged by the police, or you think the police want to speak to you, or if you have received a summons to go to court, then you should seek advice immediately.

No offence is too minor and no charge too serious.

'Initial Legal Advice’

24/7 Emergency Call Out

Bready & Co provide a 24/7 call out service for police station interviews and visits. So if you have been contacted by the police who want to interview you at a police station in Scotland, call us now for some urgent advice.

'Initial Legal Advice’

With the intricate knowledge of the courts, Bready & Co´s experience and calm showed through, turning what could have been an awful experience with a terrible outcome, into an informed and pragmatic defence, winning my case and allowing me to move on positively with my life now.”

Criminal Defence Client