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Will Preparation & Review

You can never prepare a Will too soon. Rather than being a morbid action, we view that it gives a sense of calm by ensuring that your wishes are carried out as you would like them.

If you do not leave a Will your estate will be distributed according to the appropriate legalities and although your spouse will have certain rights they will not automatically receive your entire estate.

Also if there is no Will, a relative would require to petition the court to have an executor appointed which incurs more fees and causes delay in winding up an estate.

So in short, Making a Will is one of the most important things you can do – after all you want to ensure that when you have gone your assets pass to the right people.

'Why Plan your Estate’

Executry & Estate Administration

For decades, Bready & Co, have been supporting people at the difficult time of bereavement. When you are trying to cope with the death of a relative it can be overwhelming dealing with the administration of the deceased person’s estate.

When a loved one dies, it is essential that you get good, clear, and accurate advice on what to do next.

Whether there is a Will or not, we can guide you every step of the way, identifying assets, dealing with the court procedures, realising the assets and advising on distribution.

Our aim is to take some of the burden from you and offer support and guidance at what can be a sad and difficult time.

'Why Plan your Estate’

Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is like an insurance policy. You hope it will never be needed but if it is, then it make your life and the lives of your loved ones much easier and less expensive than it would be if you did not have one in place.

For simplicity, a Power of Attorney in the UK, is a document that gives authority to such a person to deal with your affairs.

At Bready & Co, we are experts in drawing up for review and execution, a multitude of legal documents – Power of Attorneys included.

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Notary Service

Bready & Co, can prepare and notarise documents and can also arrange to have documents legalised with an Apostille by the FCO, and if necessary sent on to be processed at the relevant foreign Embassy in London.

A Notary mainly acts as an impartial and legally trained witness to authenticate and certify the execution of deeds and documents required or intended for use outside the UK. Bready & Co Notarial functions include:

  • Attesting the execution of documents
  • Certifying the genuineness of copy documents, signatures and execution of documents
  • Administration of oaths and declarations
  • Affidavits

'Why Plan your Estate’

Bready & Co were brilliant guiding us from start to finish through the full purchasing cycle, with patience and professionalism, which allowed us to close the purchase and move swiftly into our beautiful new home.”

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